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  1. It’s strange. I make my living by “being funny” (for the sake of argument, let’s put aside the fact that there are plenty of people disagreeing with this premise), but I can’t tell jokes to save my life. I’m pretty …

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  2. What is the current block rate for a Cessna 172 nowadays? Do flight schools even have block rates anymore? I remember when I started flying, I could get a C-152 for just over 30 bucks if I paid for at …

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  3. I didn’t consciously schedule this strip a couple of days after the Super Bowl last weekend, but it’s a lucky coincidence. I belong to the minority of people, though, who barely take any interest in sporting events. So the only …

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  4. I’m not an expert in the field of measuring tools, but I had to cringe the whole time I was drawing this comic, haha! Compared to what Sally did, using a flathead screwdriver for a Phillips screw is only a …

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Cobb County International Airport - McCollum Field

Cobb County International Airport

McCollum Field is owned by Cobb County, operated by the County Department of Transportation characterizing it as a municipal airport. It is managed by a full-time, professional airport manager. The airport employs almost 185 people, and had an annual economic impact of more than $47 million to the local economy in 2002.

1723 McCollum Pkwy NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144